A Rescheduled Engagement

Owen & Taylor! We had so much fun. 😍

Their first engagement session go rained out. The hour by hour for the day had sunshine and no rain until like 2 a.m. so we thought we'd be safe. Nope! As their original session time came the sky turned nasty, that golden hour just went dark and it started with some rain, so although we snapped a few, I was like, "We're going to redo your whole session."

Man, oh man! Am I glad we did.

We met at Pinnacles Park between Columbia and Moberly, Mo. It's a great spot for pics! We loaded my wagon with equipment, clothes, water shoes, sandals and all the things you may need for a great engagement shoot. We were off! And we got some amazing shots. These two lifted, twirled, hugged, kissed, walked, and for Taylor... she jumped and jumped again.

My heart was so full when they agreed to play in the water. So! Many! Great! Shots! And that red dress! 👗 Don't you just love it on her? Another great thing about Owen an Taylor... I was able to look through the lens and see the love between these two. You couldn't help but see it, as they looked at each other and shared sweet smiles between them.

I can't wait for their wedding day in September!

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