An Afternoon Engagement

We met at Tower Grove Park, in St. Louis to capture this couples engagement session. What a great spot with the ruins, flowers, gazebos and fountains. It's the same location where they'll be getting married in June and you know what they say about a June bride. "She's a bride all her life." Yes. There's a whole song about that. The day was gorgeous! Beautiful sunshine and warm weather.

We had so much fun. Winks, smiles, hugs and kisses. These all make for a great session. I highly encourage flirting and pick-up lines. These two did not disappoint. They were ready to play some fun games and when I said to bump, Alex bumped and Natasha, I think, was almost knocked off her feet.

My favorite part may have been when I asked Natasha to cover her ears and Alex snuck up behind her and spun her around. It was a surprise, though she knew something was up. Loved! Loved! Loved it!

These two will have not problems on their wedding day in front of the camera. They really were naturals, quick to play, to have fun and to snuggle. Can't wait for June!

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