Why We Should Stop Saying, "Later"

There are so many reasons to say "later".

"We're so busy, we'll have to do something later."

"I need to lose weight first so we'll do family portraits later.

Or another favorite, "My husband... or my kids hate doing pictures, so maybe another time".

Soon the kids are grown and they've moved on with their own lives and then trying to bring everyone together gets harder and harder to find a free day on the calendar. Making memories for families is a great thing. When I do a family session, sure I have the posed portraits, but I also love capturing those intimate moments between each family member.

During one session earlier this summer I asked this family to take a moment and tell each other just a few reasons on why they love one another. I fell back and let the magic happen. During that time I caught this amazing moment. Their daughter became overwhelmed by all the reasons why her parents loved her. Saying them out loud. Putting them out there between each other created this special moment. It was amazing to see. Genuine smiles. Tears of love.

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