Five Fun Facts About Me

We all know I have a passion for photography, and that I love my hubby and both my kids.... But what else is there about me you may not know?

1. I LOVE reading romance novels. I'm a romance novel junkie. Primarily historical or supernatural. You know, Victorian era to kick-butt Valkyries, vampires, werewolves, witches and such. They need love too! And anyone who sees that description knows what series I'm referring to. And on that note...

2. I love romance so much that I not only read it, I write it. I'm a published author. Eternal Surrender. Yes please! A Yankee's Embrace. Oh you know it! :-)

3. Not only do I work for The Salvation Army, I'm an Emergency Disaster Services volunteer. My passion for photography is matched by my passion to help others so it's hard for me to give up one for the other.

4. I like to have fun with my hair. Sometimes I know what I want and sometimes I sit in the chair and say, "Okay, do whatever you want." I like fun bold colors. My husband never quite knows when I get home what I'll look like.

5. I have a pillowcase. Yes, I am a grown woman that still has a pillowcase that I keep with me. Sometimes I take it with me in the car, but mostly around the house. When I'm sitting and reading, or watching a movie I have it across my lap and running my fingers along the edges. Crazy! But I can't remember a time I didn't do it and neither can my Mom.

Well, there you go! Five Fun Facts About Me.

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