New Additions

In home session in Centralia, Mo. Got to revisit this family and I'm so glad. I got to meet their newest member and she's beautiful 😍 , but so is this couple, so there's no surprise there.

These sessions are a lot of fun and quickly becoming a favorite. And I think Brian's warming up to having pictures done, or he just loves Breanna that much. I think it's the latter. As soon as I said, "Okay, Brian you're done." I didn't need to tell him twice and he was gone. LOL!

Breanna is a gorgeous Momma and she just takes it all in stride. We may have had a "boo-boo" moment. We kept our cool and while she had baby I got to play doctor for a teary eyed toddler. Sweet girl was a trooper.

Can't wait for this summer when we get the whole family together again for some more portraits. Deep breath, Brian! 😂

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