When a Pimple Rears its Ugly Head - Taking One for the Team

Yes. I'm taking one for the team. I'm a team player.

So, I have this really large pimple creating it's own living space on my chin. It's not a tiny little one and it will quickly go away. I don't remember getting a deposit, or first and last month's rent, but it's moved in and growing.

I feel like with all my weddings this month and engagement sessions all the pimples my couples may have gotten have somehow come to me. On my chin. Right there. When my brides, or grooms fear the pimple, it somehow diverted from them and hit me in the face. All of them.

So rest easy my beautiful August brides, rest easy by handsome August grooms, rest easy my happily engaged couples. I got your back. I got you! ❤️

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