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Amanda + Andy

What did you do Christmas weekend? Andy and Amanda got married at the Community Center in Madison, Missouri. This photographer was blown away by the gorgeous Christmas decorations that filled the center. It was so beautiful and perfect for everything this couple wanted as they celebrated the start of their lives together.

Both are devout Christians and before even the first look, Amanda covered her hair and dressed in her floral PJs she came out into the main hall to sing praise music and pray with Andy before the ceremony. It was so sweet, so loving and Amanda can sing!

The ceremony was lovely and the couple shared their first kiss as man and wife. From there they left under the spray of snow. Snow that stayed with them I believe long after the wedding day and possibly into the honeymoon. Guests had fun and made sure to cover them with lots and lots of snow as Amanda and Andy made their grand exit from the ceremony.

Out at the Union Covered Bridge in Paris, Missouri we were able to capture some gorgeous portraits of the wedding parties, and of course, of the happy couple themselves. And because it was Christmas we had to wrap them up in white lights, surrounding them in a romantic glow.

At the reception, we did family portraits. The couple shared their first dance and dances with their Mom and Dad. They also included Allie, Amanda, and now, Andy's daughter in a mother-daughter dance and a new father-daughter dance. Very touching moments that brought tears to our eyes.

We're so honored and privileged to be able to be a part of Amanda and Andy's day. They are sweet, kind, and love the Lord. Praying they have an incredibly blessed marriage. Hugs you two!

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