Sneak peek time! The last Sunday in March I photographed a wedding at Stoney Creek Inn in Columbia, Mo. I am not able to post pictures of the couple and guests, but I did ask permission to post pics of the cake. If you're any kind of a Harry Potter fan, you'll love this cake. It was so beautifully done and so much fun! And no regular cake cutting for this couple. They used a sword to cut the cake!

Sara and Hakeem went all out for a Harry Potter theme with center pieces from all four houses, and golden snitches all around each table. Candy from Honeydukes, that featured chocolate frogs; but be careful they have one good jump in them and might get away; along with other tasty candies from the series. Floating candles above all the guests, with flicking flames and a photo booth at platform 9 3/4. We even had a bit of a mischief as Sara and Hakeem held their wands, with Hufflepuff robes over the gown and tux, and proved who had the most powerful love spell. Since Sara ended up swooning into Hakeem's arms I think he may have one the wizarding duel.

Now, I know the couple had been a part as Hakeem prepares to join us from New York to the Midwest. I feel like there was a lot of phone calls/video chatting. At their first look, I think it had been quite awhile since they'd last seen each other in person. Tears and a hug with words whispered, "I have missed you so much," made this photographer and even my assistant tear up. Such a beautiful moment.

It was a great day and night. Laughter, dancing and for this photographer, learning about other traditions. The bride was stunning. Let me tell you Sara was absolutely beautiful with a smile that could light a room and Hakeem was positively handsome, with a super sharp tux and a joy abounding from him that you could see.

So glad they asked me to be a part of their day! many blessings on your marriage. Hugs you two!

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