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Blessed With the BEST Team

I am incredibly blessed that I have an amazing team.

Jennifer Herron (Jennifer Herron Photography) who started out assisting, to second shooting and now does all of that as well as taking leads on weddings when I'm shooting another wedding, or as in one case when I came down with COVID. We know each other's likes and dislikes when we're capturing a wedding day and we know what the other is thinking and wanting to do. We even know each other's favorite poses. I don't know what I'd do without Jennifer and I hope I never do.

Brianna Thoenen (Brianna Thoenen Photography, LLC) joined Charming Hearts when there was a scheduling conflict and I needed a second photographer. Jennifer wasn't available. (I know! How dare she have a life outside of Charming Hearts!😄) I reached out to a photography group in Columbia, Missouri and this wonderful person came into our lives. Brianna swooped in and helped us out in a big way and is sticking around to second shoot here and there as her schedule allows. She even did our new headshots and team portraits. Awesome pic, right?

Both of these ladies take beautiful portraits, they are both great to work with and I'm incredibly blessed to have the best wedding photography team!

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