Brenna & Evan

Just a teaser sneak peek, with a few more to come tomorrow!

I'm so glad I got to be a part of this session. Having known the groom since he was just a boy and the bride for the last several years, it's such and honor to be able to take part in these milestone moments.

And what a moment it was. Yes, it was cold, but the snow worked perfectly for us. Nice and thick on the ground and a perfect coating on the trees to give these two love birds the perfect back drop. Yes, there was shivering, quivering lips and maybe a fun conversation that included:

Photographer: Relax your shoulders, you're looking cold.

Brenna: I am cold!

Photographer: You wanted snow as part of your engagement pics

Brenna: I don't know that I thought this all the way through. 😂

LOVED IT! But the good thing about the cold. It's nice to get close and cozy, which of course is something I love to see when I look through a lens. My couples close and cozy whether it's 20 degrees or 100 degrees. They're gonna get close. ❤

Thanks so much, Breanna and Evan. Can't wait to celebrate your day this summer. Hugs you two!

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