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Morgan & MacKenzie

Mogan and MacKenzie hosted a small, intimate wedding day at a cozy Airbnb in Columbia, Missouri. Even though rain was in the forecast. I was so happy to be able to capture this moment as they placed the charm on her bouquet to carry with her throughout the day.

We did a first look with Forest. Who is Forest? Morgan and MacKenzie's dog. It didn't go quite as planned. There were just too many new things, smells, and stuff to investigate, but we did get some great pictures of Forest with each Mom and the three of them as a sweet little family.

During the wedding, Mogan and MacKenzie shared their own vows and tied the knot with a handfasting. MacKenzie's brother Andrews had the honor of tying the cord around their hands and wrists, while Morgan and MacKenzie only had eyes for each other.

After the wedding, the rain finally came as we took family portraits in the backyard. Lightening struck in the distance, and this photographer said, "I don't do lightning!" I booked it inside, where we captured the wedding party and my favorite part... the couple's pictures. These two know how to do a dip, and they were so much fun to photograph.

It was a great day, and Morgan and MacKenzie are a wonderful couple I thoroughly enjoyed working with over the last 8-9 months. I wish them the very best and pray for many blessings on their marriage. Hugs you two!

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