Natasha & Alex Wedding

The day started out where we got some great detail and getting ready shots at the Forest Park Hotel in St. Louis. This brides gown. Gorgeous! We set up a "mini" first look with her bridesmaids and they were all overcome when they saw how stunning Natasha looked when she was in her final glory and waiting for them. Tears! Cries! It was perfect.

We moved to Tower Grove Park in St. Louis. The real heat of the day hadn't set upon us too bad yet, but we found some great shade, and just an overall great spot to get the ladies pictures going. Aren't these ladies beautiful? They came around their bride for stunning images and just overall amazing support and friendship on Natasha's big day.

Soon after we got the guys. These guys were cool, laid back and ready to pose even if I did say, "No sunglasses unless we all have sunglasses". I sounded like such a Mom!

The wedding was gorgeous and that's when the sun really started beating down, but that didn't stop this couple, or their wedding party. When the groom saw his bride for the first time, his face lit! I love that. They combined the sand a beautiful visual of them entwining their lives together forever.

After the ceremony we charged ahead in 99 degree heat and a heat index of 109. Did this slow this wedding down? NO! The wedding party got close. The wedding party cheered every time we asked. To be honest, they were the best at this of any wedding party I've ever had. We told them you need make the sound and make it real for it to come through in the pictures and when Natasha and Alex kissed, that wedding party cheered. Anyone around the park may have wondered what was going on over at The Music Stand with all the yelling and hollering.

The couples pictures! Oh be still my heart!!! These two did awesome. Their images are absolutely stunning and the love, The love ya'll is there and seen.

Afterwards we had a little bit of break as we headed over to the Elks Lodge in Granit City, Illinois for the reception. Amazing reception done by the best DJ. Everyone dancing. Everyone having a great time. Everyone wishing the absolute best to Natasha and Alex.

And on that note, Natasha and Alex, Jennifer and I would like to wish you two the very best! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of your day and to walk with you through this whole experience. Hugs you two!

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