Tying the Knot

I'd never been to Landhaus, located at The Park at New Melle Lakes just outside of Wentzville. This is a great spot for a wedding. Beautiful house, with gorgeous lake and patio that is the perfect accent for any romantic wedding. I love options when I shoot and there were plenty inside and out.

Lily and Adam were super-sweet! You never know how a couple will react when they see each other for the first time and because of this I LOVE it when a couple does a first look. First looks are the best! Why? Because you don't know how you'll react, this is a private, intimate moment with the couple and of course myself and Jen. No one else! I have a short conversation with them letting them know to feel free to express their feelings. To take their time. Yes, you can hug each other, give each other a kiss. These two did not let me down. There were some tears. And just an overall joy in seeing each other. Not only could the groom not see the bride's dress before the wedding, but the groom wouldn't let the bride see his suit. It was a wonderful surprise for both. 💖

Lily and Adam chose to have a handfasting ceremony and right before our eyes, the cords were caught, and they "tied the knot" between them for everyone to see. It was perfect!

Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, warm and sunny weather, beautiful setting... the perfect day. Thank you Lily and Adam for asking me to be a part of it.

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