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What's a Question You Should Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer?

When looking for a photographer what's a question you should ask?

"What planning help do you provide?"

This is a great question and an important one.

One of the ways I help in the planning process is the timeline. Although you, wonderful couples, are def a part of the timeline planning process, this is something your photographer should put together for you. I've had conversations with mothers and couples who said their photographer didn't have a timeline and there was no organization for their day. This leads to other issues, but let's focus on the timeline.

I have a great questionnaire that I use to capture every detail of the wedding (or as much as possible) that helps lay out the day from start to finish. Getting ready moments, what time we are getting into the dress, the bride's solo portraits and her with her bridesmaids.... to when you two are making your grand entrance to the reception. Your photographer should also reach out to the DJ so all of you are on the same page as your photographer may only be staying one or two hours into your reception and those traditional photographable moments will need to be scheduled while your photographer is there. There's a lot more that goes into the planning of your day, but this is a biggie. 😊

This gorgeous picture of this stunning bride was captured by Charming Hearts Photography at Tievoli Hills Resort in Clarksville, Missouri.

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