Your Senior Session!

Senior Year! Lots of feelings. Excitement. Fear. Hope. Doubt. Yearning. Faith. And parents feeling like their in a marathon to the finish line.

Senior sessions are a moment to stop. To take a breath and to capture this instance in your child's life. A moment to keep these milestone moments over the course of the next several months forever in their senior portraits.

So what should you wear? What should you avoid? Should you include props?

Remember, on camera, solid black & white can make skin tones look very washed out and unflattering. So, when choosing outfits for your senior session, try to choose colors that POP and that compliment your hair & skin colors! Primary colors like red, royal blue and yellow photograph beautifully as well as emerald green, bright purples and pinks, oranges and many other colors that really POP!

Avoid: Fluorescent colors and clothes with fine lines, or loud with logos and designs.

Feel free to bring props that represent you. What are props? Band instrument, sports gear like a volleyball or baseball bat, letter jacket, sunglasses. Anything unique to your life, interests and/or personality. The most important thing is that your photos are a reflection of YOU.

AND if you do not like fitted clothing (super tight dresses or pieces that fit awkwardly) then leave them at home. So, if there are pieces in your closet that make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, don’t include them in your senior portrait wardrobe!

Additionally, we will most likely be sitting on the ground, laying down, walking and doing other things that could be difficult if your clothing is uncomfortable.

During your senior session don’t be afraid to accessorize! When planning your outfits, plan your accessories as well. Stack of bangles, long necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, bright shoes and other add-ons. We can always take away, but it's hard to add if you don’t have it with you.

The most important thing for you to remember is to just enjoy your senior session. Let this be a time that you have fun, express yourself, and laugh a lot! These are a set of portraits marking another step in your journey. The next professional set of portraits you do will likely be on your wedding day. You will look back on these pictures and remember this moment in time, and how quickly it went.

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