What Should We Wear?

I get asked a lot about what everyone should wear for their family portraits. Luckily, I send all my families a Session Guide before their sessions, but these are few things to keep in mind when planning your next family portraits.

FOR MOM: Dresses are the most flattering, and photograph beautifully. Dresses with movement add an extra touch of grace and elegance to your photos!

FOR DAD: Chinos and button up shirts or henleys look sharp, masculine and tailored in photos. Keep in mind that fitted slacks, as opposed to cargo styles, photograph best.

FOR KIDS: Same as mom and dad! Don’t forget to accessorize! Little touches like hair accessories, bow ties and suspenders can add the perfect stylistic touch to your photos.

The bottom line is, do you have a certain color that you really love to wear? Wear it! Do you love dresses? Wear one! Find something that makes you feel beautiful! If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, it will transfer to your photos.

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