When the Bride Makes Us Look Like a Bunch of Pansies, But It Was Soooo Worth It!

I had a great time capturing this couples engagement session, but that’s not a surprise.

With Zach and Katie it’s a given. What did surprise me though was Katie’s tough feet. This creek is beautiful, yes? They look gorgeous and did a fantastic job. The surroundings were perfect. Below the surface are rocks. Not soft and cushy, but hard, rough and some pointy. Poor Zach who was barefoot, I in my socks (I couldn't find my water shoes) and James wearing his slides were, hobbling, making noises of pain, and moving super awkwardly.

Not Katie.

Katie walked around like she was walking on carpet and made us all; like I said above; look like a bunch of pansies. She was so graceful and was at the spots I wanted to shoot way ahead of us. Made it back to shore in record time watching us while wringing out her dress.

But she helped her future husband and my hubby helped me. Great couples, right! 💕

In the end the pain and hobbling was def worth it! We got so many great shots and these are just another sneak peek of what we got. And some fun blooper reels too.

Look out December 18 as they start a new chapter in their love story.

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